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 Waves Stream transmit receive lossless audio to from DAW remote collaboration

Remote collaboration with Waves Stream

Stream can be used to collaborate with others, share high-quality audio with friends and clients, or for quickly checking a mix outside of the studio.

Waves Space Rider effects plug-in

NAMM 2024: Waves Space Rider plug-in

Waves is now shipping the Space Rider plug-in, a versatile reverb/delay/chorus multi-effect suite, featuring a distinctive ‘Rider’ function that helps create dynamic mixes...

Waves Silk Vocal dynamics EQ automatic resonance removal mixing plug-in

Waves release Silk Vocal

Waves' latest plug-in aims to simplify and accelerate the vocal mixing process, and can automatically detect and tackle resonances across 2000 frequency bands. 

Waves Online Mastering AI-based service upload mix download master

Waves launch Waves Online Mastering

Waves have announced the launch of a new AI-powered online mastering service that aims to provide users with quick and easy access to high-quality masters of their finished mixes.


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