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IRCAM Paris: Electronic Music Institute | Podcast

Software Tools, Sound Design & AI Composition By Paul Tingen
Published February 2022
Hugues Vinet is Director of Innovation and Research Means of IRCAM

Back in 1996 Hugues Vinet, of the IRCAM electronic music institute in Paris, was interviewed by Paul Tingen for an article in Sound On Sound magazine. Now the two are back together discussing the musical and technical innovations in software development, sound design projects and AI composition.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
01:43 - Hugues Vinet and IRCAM
02:38 - How IRCAM has changed
06:02 - Partners and Community
09:03 - Music Styles and Technology
10:56 - Working with Ableton
12:56 - Musical Developments
18:49 - Sound Design
23:05 - Defining Sounds
26:04 - Using different Tools
28:07 - AI Development

Hugues Vinet - Biog

Hugues Vinet is Director of Innovation and Research Means at IRCAM, a world-leading institution associated with the Centre Pompidou in Paris, which is dedicated to music production and research. He has managed all research, development and innovation activities at IRCAM since 1994. He co-founded and ran for several terms the STMS (Science and Technology of Music and Sound) joint lab with the French Ministry of Culture, CNRS and Sorbonne Université. Hugues previously worked at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales of National Institute of Audiovisual in Paris, where he managed the research and designed the first versions of the award-winning real-time audio processing product, GRM Tools. He has coordinated many collaborative R&D projects, including recently H2020 VERTIGO in charge of the STARTS Residencies program managing 45 residencies of artists with technological research projects throughout Europe. Hugues is currently in charge of the artistic residencies program of the MediaFutures project. He also curates the Vertigo Forum art-science yearly symposium at Centre Pompidou, and participates in various experts bodies in the fields of audio, music, multimedia, information technology and innovation.

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Music Credits
Répons by Pierre Boulez - (Time cue 05:03)
L'esprit des dunes by Tristan Murail - (Time cue 13:35)
Côte des Bars - by sound designer Roque Rivas for Krug Champagne - (Time cue 25:06)

Paul Tingen AuthorInterviewer: Paul Tingen - Biog

Paul Tingen has been a contributor to Sound On Sound since 1990. In addition to his regular artist and producer interviews, he began writing the popular Inside Track: Secrets of the Mix Engineers series in January 2008. 

He is also the author of a book, Miles Beyond: the Electric Explorations of Miles Davis, 1967-1991 (Billboard Books), a producer, and a guitarist with one album to his name.

Instagram page: @paultingenmusic

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