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Notes From The Deadline

TV Music From The Inside By Paul Farrer

As they say oop north: where there's virtual brass, there's muck.

Notes From The Deadline

The composer's family say that he did not leave a note, but had this document pinned to his chest when he took his own life...

Congratulation on your new soundwares product!

Virtual Tuba is the fantastic new sound design plug‑in giving you all the expression and performances of the Tuba presented in multi‑style, combination, group and single-finger menu selections. Recorded live at the British Albert's Hall London by Grammy award nominated engineers this sample library represents the finest brass virtual instrument collection since Virtual Bass Trombone. The only sample library to ever win a SIX STAR review from Sounds On Sounds magazine in the Cambridge UK. 

To install firstly insert the DVD software disk. This is labeled DVD One. Wize precaution! This is very much different to DVD I which is to contain the update driver necessary for the USB authorization key. If you do not have a USB authorization key you can obtain from us via the interwebs site. Cost $12. Not to use iLock or similar. Launch the software installer — this is on the Yellow DVD in a folder clearly labeled 'Runsys.yfnc.sys'. This runs an install shield and is guiding you through the order of sound data DVDs which are to CD‑ROM drive insertable in correct order. You can specify the location of the hard drives example, Mac, PC, Linux, Firewire, USB and data tape. During installation you will being asked for serial number of softwares. This can be found on the DVD installer disk printed on top. Quit install, remove DVD and make a note remembrance of this 50‑digit hexadecimal code. Be warning case sensitivity! Reinsert install DVD, run installer and type in serial number when you are challenge. To protect piracy you have two attempts at typing in. If fail typing mistake second time software shuts down for two days and you must reinstall soundwares later. Important.

"Can't play the tuba? Don't worry — neither can I!”"Can't play the tuba? Don't worry — neither can I!”Once you have installed the USB authorization key software, the install wizard, the VST plugin, the Audio Unit, TDM version of the software and the sound data large files (all are needed in order to authorize the software further) you need to quickly register your software with us. Create a user login and password name is shortly being send you within 28 days email time. After completion of software installed successful run the Registration Device software. This will ask you for barcode on bottom of packaging box. Don't throw away just yet! Attach webcam, or iSight device and hold bottom of your box towards camera lens. This scans barcode and sends us data. You will be sent very quick via email the unlock number for this barcode. Simply paste this unlock number from your email into the challenge field and registration is complete.

Note for Mac users: Virtual Tuba Pro Users or those who have upgraded from YouTuba or Tuba Express can bypass the second half of installations by dragging all appropriate files from within the hard drive partition naming '67Dfftuba.sbb'. Take careful not to copy any file with .xf1 extension or this will conflict with USB key. And any software updates earlier than 2.0.4 but no later than 3.6.0. Installer not to repeat this section.

For help and support using this product please visit the forum on our site. This is where you can meet other Virtual Tuba users. If you can help any of them on your visit please post your helps likewize. Virtual Tuba News: Coming soon for 2010 iPhone compatibility!    

Published December 2009