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Acoustica Mixcraft 10 released

Intuitive Windows-only DAW gets a major upgrade

Acoustica Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio Pro Studio DAW software update

Acoustica have recently released the latest version of their Windows-based DAW. Mixcraft 10 introduces a range of new features that focus on inspiration, ease of use and stability, with the company aiming to ensure that every change makes creating music easier and more enjoyable.

Two versions of Mixcraft are available: Recording Studio and Pro Studio. The former is the company’s entry-level offering, which provides a slightly reduced feature set at a lower cost, whilst the latter is equipped with additional capabilities such as advanced MIDI and audio routing, a new Track Regions feature, native Melodyne integration, audio to MIDI conversion and a larger collection of built-in instruments and plug-ins. 

The newly integrated Mixcraft Store also offers a quick and simple way for all users to access free and premium content such as new audio loop libraries, effects, instruments and even entire project setups.

Latest Version

The latest versions features a re-designed GUI that boasts a more colourful and visually intuitive look which the company say will be a familiar sight to existing users, as well as being easy for those new to the software to navigate. The updated DAW aims to provide users with a customisable experience that allows them to take complete control of their creative process. Menus have been simplified and can now be pinned open, and enhancements have been made to the Project Start window, Plug-in Manager, piano roll, automation tools, libraries and mixer panels.

Hotkeys & Controllers

Various single- and multiple-key commands can now be assigned to custom hotkey keyboard shortcuts, with dozens already configured in a default set to offer a starting point. Groups of assignments can be saved and recalled, allowing multiple users to save their own personalised control sets, and making it easy to switch between different computers and setups. Controller support has also been enhanced, with a new controller script API allowing Mixcraft to support any MIDI-based control surface.

Mixing & Editing

Acoustica Mixcraft 10 DAW mixer window updateMixcraft 10's mixer has been redesigned to offer more intuitive operation.

The software’s mixer controls have been redesigned in an effort to make them even more intuitive and accessible. Tasks such as swapping channels, inverting polarity, summing to mono and adjusting stereo width can be carried out with a few clicks, and a new track icon view provides improved navigation through busy projects.

MIDI editing has also been addressed in the update, with the piano roll interface now offering a clearer display with new colour-coding options based on MIDI channel or notes. Advanced functions such as selecting notes based on their velocity or duration are now available, and users can also drag notes vertically whilst keeping their timing locked, and a snap-to-scale function helps to ensure that new notes remain within the defined key.

Track Regions

Acoustica Mixcraft 10 DAW software Track Regions change arrangementsTrack Regions allow owners of Mixcraft 10 Pro Studio to quickly apply edits to regions across multiple tracks.

A new Track Regions feature included in the Pro Studio version allows users to select, move, copy and paste sections of a project — including multiple clips and their automation data — together as a group. The feature makes it possible to create an edit selection on a group of tracks, with any edits made affecting all of the included tracks. The function can be applied to a number of tasks, including moving around the entire contents of a track to make changes to song arrangements.


Mixcraft 10 is a Windows-only application, and is supported on PCs running Windows 7 (SP1) or higher.

Pricing & Availability

Mixcraft 10 is available now, with the Recording Studio version costing $79, and the Pro Studio version priced at $149. Registered users of previous versions are eligible for reduced upgrade pricing offers, which can be accessed via their online account.

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