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Korg unveil Opsix SE

FM synth gains larger keybed with aftertouch

 Korg Opsix SE hardware digital FM synthesizer

Korg have today announced the release of the Opsix SE, a larger, enhanced version of their Opsix FM synthesizer. As well as featuring a premium all-metal design and a 61-note keybed with aftertouch, the SE also builds on the sound engine of the original Opsix and offers increased polyphony.

Keys & Control

The company say that the Opsix SE was born out of the desire to play the original synth with both hands. A 61-note natural-touch keybed promises to offer the same tactile response as Korg’s flagship workstations, with expressive performance capabilities provided by the inclusion of aftertouch. Hands-on control of the instrument’s Operator Mixer is provided by a set of six faders and knobs, with each part lighting up in either red or blue depending on whether it is controlling a carrier or modulator.

Effects, Modulation & Sequencing

A wide range of onboard effects are present, with three blocks of 30 different processors providing users with a vast selection of tools to enhance their sounds. Effects such as choruses, phasers, delays and reverbs are available, whilst a compressor also offers some onboard dynamics processing.

The instrument features six Operator modes and comes loaded with 40 preset algorithms, and also allows users to create their own. The MOD section then works independently of the Operators, equipping players with three envelope generators, three LFOs and 12 virtual patches that facilitate a wide variety of routing possibilities.

Opsix SE is also equipped with a powerful step sequencer, and every Program comes with its own set of unique sequences as well as allowing users to create their own. Up to six notes can be recorded per step, along with information on their velocity, gate time and playback timing, and it is possible to create long phrases and introduce subtle shifts in timing to emulate strums or drum rolls, something that is not possible with typical 16-step sequencers. Users are also able to record changes for up to six parameters, creating everything from smooth changes in sound to dramatic rhythms that differ with each step.

Accessories & Limited Edition Model

Korg Opsix SE Platinum special limited editionThe limited edition Korg Opsix SE Platinum.

The instrument will come supplied in a bespoke hard case that also offers additional space for cables and a sustain pedal. To celebrate the launch of the Opsix SE, Korg have also announced that they will be manufacturing a limited run of the instrument with an eye-catching Platinum finish.

SOS Review

We reviewed the original Opsix in the February 2021 issue of SOS, click here to take a look.

Pricing & Availability

Exact availability for the Opsix SE is yet to be confirmed, although it is expected to be shipping by the end of Summer 2023. The standard model is priced at £1899, and the limited edition Platinum version will cost £2099. Prices include VAT.

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