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Korg ARP Odyssey FS Kit Header

Korg launch ARP Odyssey FS Kit

Featuring the same analogue circuitry as the original, Korg say this DIY kit can be assembled without any soldering or technical knowledge.

Korg Drumlogue hybrid analogue digital drum machine step sequencer built-in effects individual outputs

Korg Drumlogue now available

Korg's latest drum machine features a powerful on-board sequencer, built-in effects, assignable individual outputs, and a wealth of front panel control. 

Korg Minilogue Bass four-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer bass synth

Korg announce Minilogue Bass

Korg's latest synthesizer retains the hands-on control of their popular Minilogue instrument, but focuses on providing dark and thunderous bass sounds. 

Korg M1 Nautilus synthesizer workstation sounds

Korg release M1 for Nautilus

Korg have announced that Nautilus owners are now able to equip their instruments with the full complement of sounds from the company’s hugely successful M1 synthesizer workstation.


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