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SUPERBOOTH24: Korg Berlin phase8

At Superbooth 2024 we caught up with Tats from Korg Berlin to check out the phase8, the latest prototype instrument which employs their innovative new acoustic synthesis method.

Korg PS-3300 analogue semi-modular synthesizer reissue

Korg to reissue PS-3300 synthesizer

A reissue of Korg's iconic PS-3300 synthesizer, which saw a run of just 50 units between 1977 and 1981, is set to launch later in 2024.

Korg MPS-10 MIDI drum percussion pad sampler performance instrument

MPS-10 drum pad and KAOSS Replay from Korg

Korg's new MPS-10 drum pad promises unrivaled control over sounds and parameters, whilst the KAOSS Replay combines their popular XY-based effects system with a powerful sampler.

Korg Keyscape 49 61 MIDI 2.0 MPE polyphonic aftertouch controller keyboards

Korg to launch Keystage MIDI keyboards

A pair of new MIDI controller keyboards from Korg offering MIDI 2.0 connectivity as well as boasting support for polyphonic aftertouch and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression).


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