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Korg announce the ST1K Synth Tuner

Precise tuning for modular & analogue synths

Korg ST1K Synth Tuner LS

Korg have unveiled their latest innovation, the ST1K Synth Tuner, designed specifically for the unique needs of synthesizer players. Combining Korg’s tuner technology with a deep understanding of analogue and modular synthesis, the ST1K promises ultra-precise tuning, ensuring your synthesizer sounds perfect every time.

The ST1K Synth Tuner stands out with its ability to deliver accuracy up to ±0.1 cents. This level of precision is crucial for synth players, especially given the pitch variations common in analogue synthesizers due to temperature changes and the need for micro-tuning multiple oscillators. Whether in the studio or on stage, Korg present the ST1K as a solution for impeccable tuning.

One of the tuner’s highlights is its large CMD LCD display, which offers a clear visual readout of the tuning status. The ST1K also features a built-in high-sensitivity microphone which extends its functionality to a wider range of instruments.

Korg ST1K Synth Tuner Front

Weighing only 83 grams, the ST1K is incredibly compact and lightweight, perfect for musicians who are always on the move. Its optimised circuitry ensures stable tuning for modular synths, accommodating high voltage levels without interference from LED noise.

The ST1K features a 3D visual meter with large-screen visibility, making it easy to perceive pitch deviations and changes at a glance. The tuner also offers three meter display modes—Regular, Strobe, and Half Strobe—allowing players to choose the mode that best suits their style. These modes make it possible to track even the smallest errors in pitch.

Price & Availability

Korg are yet to announce a release date, but the ST1K is expected to retail for £50/€61.95.

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