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Audio Merge’s upcoming CF67B filter

Company recreate popular Altec design

Audio Merge CF67B Altec 9067B analogue passive filter replica outboard EQ

Audio Merge will soon begin production of their Altec 9067B-inspired filter unit, following a successful crowdfunding campaign that saw them achieve their goal in just three hours. The CF67B accurately replicates the classic design, housing passive variable low- and high-pass filters in a 2U rackmount enclosure and adding some new features not found on the original device. 

The new unit continues the theme that Audio Merge embarked upon with the release of their KTBK-1B, another design that replicated Altec’s 9069B and enhanced it with control over the filter shape and a variable resonance control. The CF67B takes a similar approach, augmenting the original circuit design with the same filter mode selection and adjustable resonance features. 

The hand-built unit boasts an all-analogue signal path that employs custom multi-tapped inductors, with a pair of stepped rotary controls offering a choice of 10 frequencies for each filter —  the high-pass ranges from 70Hz to 7.5kHz, and the low-pass extends from 250Hz to 10kHz. A line-level signal is accepted via rear-panel quarter-inch TRS connectors, and Audio Merge say they can supply matched units to those who want a stereo pair. 

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the CF67B is yet to be confirmed. To find out more and keep updated on Audio Merge’s progress, check out the company’s website.

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