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Avid release Pro Tools 2024.3

MIDI effects plug-ins, live Atmos re-renders & more

Avid Pro Tools 2024.3 MIDI effects plug-in Dolby Atmos live re-render

Avid have announced that Pro Tools 2024.3 is now available to download. The DAW’s first update of 2024 delivers a range of new features including MIDI effects plug-ins, custom live re-renders for the integrated Dolby Atmos Renderer and enhanced integration with Pro Tools Sketch, along with macOS 14.3 (Sonoma) compatibility and a range of fixes and improvements.

MIDI Effects & Sibelius Integration

With the release of the latest update, Pro Tools is now kitted out with a long-awaited range of MIDI effects plug-ins, with users able to carry out tasks such as triggering notes and modifying their velocity and pitch, as well as generating riffs, rhythms and arpeggios using a set of built in tools. Along with stock Note Stack, Velocity Control and Pitch Control plug-ins, those with active subscriptions or Upgrade Plans will also gain access to a set of third-party tools including Audiomodern Riffer 3, Modalics EON-Arp, and Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper. Along with the new effects, the update also expands the software’s MIDI routing capabilities, allowing data to be routed within the same track, between tracks, or between different plug-ins.

It is now possible to copy and paste MIDI data between Pro Tools and Sibelius (version 2024.3 and later), meaning that composers no longer have to create their compositions from scratch in Avid’s notation software. MIDI can simply be copied from Pro Tools into the public clipboard and pasted into Sibelius (or vice versa) along with all relevant MIDI information including notes, pitch, note duration, CC data and clip timing/position.

Live Re-Renders

Pro Tools gained an integrated Dolby Atmos Renderer in 2023, and Avid have now introduced the ability to carry out custom live re-renders in formats from binaural to 9.1.6, making it possible to carry out tasks such as printing delay-compensated stems directly into sessions and monitoring mixes using Apple Spatial Audio plug-ins. Users can also now independently monitor different configurations, apply limiting and export stems all from within the DAW.

Other Features

Pro Tools 2024.3 brings with it support for macOS 14.3 (Sonoma), along with a number of other features and improvements. Drag-and-drop capabilities between the Pro Tools Sketch window and Pro Tools timeline have been enhanced, and users can now detach Celemony Melodyne and Clip Effects tabs as separate windows.


Pro Tools 2024.3 is available to download now for all Pro Tools users with an active subscription or Upgrade Plan.

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