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Bereich03 Audio launch 'Side-Only' processor

Easily process side info with EQ, gain and HPF

The 'Side-Only' is a new double-width analogue 500-series module from German pro audio manufacturers Bereich03 Audio. The purpose of the module is to process the side information from any stereo signal. It contains three distinct sections: a gain stage, a low-cut filter and an EQ. We've got one in SOS Towers right now for review, so expect to see that in an upcoming issue of the magazine. 

The gain stage has +/-5dB available in 1dB steps. By adding or subtracting gain to the side signal, the stereo image can be increased or decreased, helpfully providing control over the mid/side balance of a mix.

The low-cut filter is a 12dB/oct filter with six cutoff frequencies between 40Hz and 320Hz. It allows for the removal of unwanted low end from the sides of a stereo signal. This can be especially useful for correcting of out-of-phase bass in mixes before vinyl cutting or to tighten up stereo guitars/drums/synth busses/tracks during mixing.

The EQ is a broad Baxandall equaliser with six different frequencies covering a wide range of frequencies from 14kHz down to 330Hz. The gain for the EQ can be adjusted +/-10dB in 2dB steps,  allowing the stereo part of a specific frequency range to be boosted or cut as desired.

Finally, the solo function enables you to monitor either the ‘side' or ‘mid’ portion of the signal so you can hear what you are  processing. It can also be used to create a mono signal from a stereo source.

Like previous products the Density (reviewed June 2012) & LC-HC (reviewed May 2013), the 'Side-Only' is hand-built in Germany and uses a hard wire bypass and relays for the EQ and low-cut sections. All controls are stepped. 

Modules can also be ordered with 0.5dB steps for gain and 1db steps for the EQ if required.

The 'Side-Only' is part of an upcoming 500-series mastering desk which will be released at Frankfurt Musikmesse in April.

The 'Side-Only' is available from priced €400 + VAT, which translates to about £286 + VAT.

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