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Bastl Instruments Eurorack modular revealed

Gorgeous oak-fronted modular system announced by Czech company

Bastle Instruments have made a name for themselves with their esoteric creations like the Trinity series of lego-like synths and sequencers, and their MicroGranny 2 monophonic granular sampler. Their latest endeavour, however, is the launch of 10 brand new Eurorack synth modules. 

These modules are designed to be compact and to complement each other so they can form unique and self-contained modular musical instrument. Bastl have given a lot attention to the look of the modules which come with printed oak front panels, custom handmade knobs and graphic layout by Anymade studio. All the modules are produced and handmade in Brno, Czech republic. 

Full systems should be available later this year. What's more, because the modules are made entirely with through-hole components, the company intend to introduce most of them as DIY kits later this year. 

The individual modules are and their starting prices are: (excluding VAT)

  • Knit Rider (16HP) — Six-voice trigger / gate sequencer, 230 Euro
  • GrandPA (5HP) — Granular sampler, 173 Euro
  • Quattro Figaro (10HP) — Quad VCA + CV invertors + mixing, 164 Euro
  • Tea Kick (5HP) — More than just a bass drum, 90 Euro
  • Noise Square (5HP) — Noise and square source, 90 Euro
  • Skis (5HP) — Dual decay + VCA, 90 Euro
  • Little Nerd (6HP) — Trigger / gate processor, 123 Euro
  • Abc (5HP) - Six-channel mixer, 82 Euro
  • Spaghetti (4HP) - Inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix, 82 Euro
  • Multiple (2HP) - Passive multiple, 25 Euro

Bastl worked closely with young and talented music producer HRTL on fine tuning every detail of the modules and it's him performing in the video above.

More information about the modules can be found on Bastl Instruments website. 

Modules are available now from Check the website for details and availability.

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