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Bastl launch Basil

A compact stereo delay Eurorack module

Bastl Basil delay module

Bastl Instruments announce the launch of the Basil stereo digital delay Eurorack module, based on their Bastl Pizza HW platform. With a wide range of features built onto its compact 8HP footprint, Bastl say this new Eurorack module is great for clean effects, ambient washes, glitchy sound design, or distorted drones.

Basil is designed to be a flexible delay module, offering users clean delay, lo-fi effects, as well as a ‘Space’ section said to open new sonic potential. The Basil delay buffer can be modulated, allowing the user to recreate most typical time-based effects including chorus, flanger, vibrato, pitch shifter, reverb, and stereo widener among others. and navigate between them with just a few performative gestures. It features a V/Oct input, fine delay tuning, and filter in the feedback path, which make it suitable to be used as part of a Karplus-Strong synthesis voice. The delay time ranges up to 0.5 seconds in stereo or 1 second in mono, which can be further increased thanks to the settings for half, quarter and eighth speed. 

The Basil has stereo spread and fine-tune controls and can be synced to the clock via the Sync jack. The Feedback knob has two sides; simple feedback on one and a ping pong mode on the other with cross-feedback of the left and right signals.

Bastl have included more controls on the Basil. The Space section is said to add more dimension, Blur controls the sound’s diffusion, the filter in the feedback path offers low-pass and high-pass modes, and Taps are multi-tap points with either odd or even spacing, meant for adding density to the output sound.

Watch our Video Report from Superbooth 2023 to learn more about the Bastl Basil.

Price & Availability

Bastl expect to have the Basil ready to ship from mid-June, priced at €267.

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