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CBC producer shares favourite mic & short tutorial videos

Short recording tutorials and gear overview from Canadian engineer/producer

Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, has released three new brief recording tutorials for those wanting to get quick results in the studio. The series, dubbed 'Ron’s Room’ goes into the working studio of Ron Skinner, a veteran producer/recording engineer responsible for the recording of CBC’s popular music content. In Ron's line of work, there’s very little time for experimentation, so getting good results quickly is the name of the game. The videos offer gear recommendations and suggestions for mic placement, and the very latest episode sees Ron giving an overview of one of his favourite mics: the vintage Sony C-48, which is presented as a viable alternative to a Neumann U87 at a third the price on the second-hand market.

Most of the tutorial videos are under 90 seconds long, meaning there’s no time for beard-scratching. So, if you’re new to recording or are a musician looking for some quick tips to get you up and running, this is a very good place to start. 

The latest videos are here and presented by the CBC Music Lab YouTube channel and include tutorials for recording acoustic guitar, grand piano, drums and guitar amps.

The first of three uploaded today is a one-minute overview of how Ron records acoustic guitar.

Then there’s a short episode on recording grand piano.

The latest is a review of the intriguing Sony C-48 condenser mic.

CBC Music Lab will be posting more video content like this so keep an eye out or subscribe to their channel.

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