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Dave Pensado: New endorsee for Acustica

Renowned mix engineer gives his blessing to modelled EQ/preamp

Acustica's Pensado EQ — the first plug-in Dave Pensado has endorsed.Acustica's Pensado EQ — the first plug-in Dave Pensado has endorsed.

Italian modelling plug‑in developers Acustica Audio have recently announced the results of a three‑way collaboration. It involves them, acclaimed mix engineer Dave Pensado (Beyoncé, Michael Jackson) and Californian EDM production gurus Studio DMI (who have worked with Acustica on various plug-ins, including a recent update to Diamond Color EQ).

The first plug-in to carry Dave Pensado's specific endorsement, the logically named Pensado EQ is a VST/AU/AAX plug-in processor based on Acustica’s Core 14 modelling engine, and was apparently created by undertaking an “almost obsessive” analysis of the hit engineer’s workflow and mixing approach.

The finished plug-in offers four bands of switchable EQ, each apparently chosen and specified to emulate favourite hardware EQs in Pensado’s mixing armoury, but here anonymously labelled simply ‘Low’, ‘Low Mid’, ‘High Mid’ and ‘High’. There are also straightforward high- and low-pass filters, plus two emulations of different mic preamps, also based on regular Pensado workhorses.

The plug-in ships with presets created by Pensado himself, and Acustica promise more of these to come, as well as a big free update to the facilities, by the time of the NAMM show in mid-January. We’ll bring you more on that when we find out what’s involved at NAMM — rumour has it that it could involve machine learning and AI, which was used to assist in the development of various recent Acustica plug-ins such as Cola.

The pre-NAMM version of Pensado EQ is released on Friday November 29th, priced in full at €289 from the Acustica website. There's also an introductory launch price of €130 — check the company’s online store for details.

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