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Duet 3 Limited Edition Set from Apogee

Bundle includes three popular Apogee plug-ins

Apogee Duet Limited Edition Set audio Pultec Bob Clearmountain interface plug-in bundle

Apogee have announced the release of the Duet 3 Limited Edition Set, a new bundle comprising their Duet 3 audio interface, the Duet 3 Dock and three of their best-selling plug-ins.

The Duet 3 is a 2-in/4-out bus-powered USB-C audio interface that is capable of recording at up to 24-bit/192kHz, and offers built-in compression EQ and saturation processors thanks to onboard DSP. There are two mic preamps offering up 65dB of gain, and the device will also happily accept line-level and instrument sources. A pair of line-level monitor outputs are provided, along with a stereo headphone output.

Whilst the interface usually requires a breakout cable to access its I/O, the new bundle comes supplied with a Duet 3 Dock, a hardware extension which connects to the interface and provides all of it’s connectivity on XLR and quarter-inch TRS connectors. It also adds a second, quarter-inch headphone output, which mirrors the signal of the 3.5mm output on the Duet’s front panel.

The set also provides users with access to three of Apogee’s renowned plug-ins: Pultec EQP-1A & MEQ-5 — the only Pultec plugins officially licensed and endorsed by Pulse Techniques — and Clearmountain’s Spaces, Bob Clearmountain’s signature reverb. A copy of Ableton Live Lite is included, too, along with Melodyne 5 Essentials and a free one-month SoundGym membership.

To find out more about the Duet 3, take a look at our review from the April 2022 issue of SOS. 

Pricing & Availability

The Duet 3 Limited Edition Set is available now exclusively at Guitar Center in the US, and from select stores worldwide. It is priced at $699, compared to $1473 if purchased separately.

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