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Erica Synths Fusion Drone system available now

Valve-based Eurorack soundscape synth out now

The Fusion Drone System from Latvian synth-makers Erica Synths is a self-contained synth system comprising eight Eurorack modules and with one purpose in mind: creating massive, powerful bass and drones.

Vacuum tube based Erica Synths Fusion Series modules are the basis of the system, while Black Modulator and Black Envelope Generator add modulation and noise generation possibilities. The Fusion Series vacuum tube-equipped modules included are the Fusion VCO, Fusion Ringmodulator v2, Fusion VCF v2. Also included are the Black VCA and Black 8-Multi for shaping and patching sounds.

It features 43 patch points (and 20 patch cables) for extensive experimentation in sound design, an all-analogue signal and CV paths. The modules employ 1V/oct tracking for use in other Eurorack systems. All you need is a CV/Gate sequencer or keyboard and you’re on your way to making monstrous drones.

Words don’t really do it justice, though. Watch the demo below. It’s available now and costs €1960 excluding VAT.

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