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GIK Acoustics releases new Scopus Tuned Traps

Designed for low frequency control between 30hz and 135hz

Press Release: GIK Acoustics released the new Scopus Trap, specially designed for controlling lower frequencies within rooms. The GIK Scopus Trap takes low end control to a new level in three options that cover 30hz to 135hz with maximum targeted absorption incorporating a pressure-based membrane design with an air tight chamber.

<strong>Low end control covering frequencies between 35hz and 125hz: </strong>GIK Scopus Tuned Traps

GIK President Glenn Kuras states, "With the introduction of the Scopus Trap we are able to provide customers with maximum low end control without deadening the room. Including this product in our line continues the GIK tradition of staying on the forefront of product development by expanding a wider array of solutions for many room designs."

Certified lab tests have proven that the GIK Scopus Traps provide better sound quality than any other traps on the market.

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