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HDQTRZ online AI Audio Mastering services

New cost-effective mastering service

HDQTRZ AI Audio Mastering online service

HDQTRZ AI Audio Mastering is a new online service launched by award-winning mastering engineer and Grammy judge Earle Holder. Aimed at those who are seeking a competitive sound but may not have the funds for traditional mastering, the service utilises AI-based technology to mimic the work of a human engineer and deliver a high-quality file suitable for download or streaming.

The algorithm used has been developed by a team at SigmaSolve, a software company renowned for their expertise in artificial intelligence and audio compression technologies, and incorporates the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence along with Dolby's acclaimed audio compression technologies. The results have been fine-tuned by Earle, drawing on his years of experience as the CEO and Chief Engineer at HDQTRZ Mastering Studios.

The final algorithm is said to be capable of recognising a track’s nuances, sections and musical transitions, and applies the necessary EQ, level and other relevant parameter changes in much the same way as a human engineer. The process promises to deliver refined, listener-friendly masters which sound less straining and more pleasant to the ears, and can be tailored to meet the loudness requirements of a range of popular end formats.

Files can be uploaded directly to the HDQTRZ website, with users able to select a musical genre from a Mastering Profile drop-down menu, as well as setting their desired LUFS loudness target. The service will then generate a preview file for the listener to audition the processing, allowing them to check they’re happy with the results before proceeding to the payment section. As with all mastering services, the best results will be obtained by leaving a sensible amount of headroom in the mixed track.


The cost of the HDQTRZ AI Audio Mastering service is based on the file size of the uploaded audio, with rates as follows:

  • 0 - 50 MB: $15
  • 51 - 100 MB: $25
  • 101 - 150 MB: $35
  • 151 - 250 MB: $50

More information, along with some before and after audio demos, can be found on the company’s website.

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