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Iconic V drum synth plug-in

Iconic instruments recreate classic 1980s hardware

Iconic Instruments Iconic V

Iconic Instruments have announced the release of Iconic V, an emulation of one of the most recognisable drum synthesizers of the 1980s, the Simmons SDS-V. Equipped with eight drum and cymbal modules, a comprehensive mixer and built-in effects section, the Iconic V faithfully recreates the sounds of the original device whilst also introducing some new additional features.

Each module has its own set of controls that are faithful to the original hardware, whilst pan, volume and effects send controls provide front panel access to basic mixer functions. Iconic Instruments have also added circuit-bent parameters that were not originally available, including a variable FM control for the snare module, adjustable filter resonance, and a 'Click Defeat' control to eliminate the tone-embedded click sound.

A built-in mixer panel provides a wealth of control over each module, starting with a variable drive control which features four selectable drive types, followed by compressor and transient shaping sections. Next up is a four-band equaliser, and finally an adjustable tape saturation control. Each module also has send based effects on offer in the form of delay and a reverb equipped with authentic 80s-era impulse responses.

Iconic V runs within either Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player, and features NKS support for integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and Maschine series contollers,

Iconic V is available now for an introductory price of $79 until July 1st 2022, when it will rise to $99.

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