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Malstrom reveal Wyvern saturation module

Combines saturation with dual filters and EQ shaping

Malstrom Wyvern Eurorack modular synth stereo saturation module

Malstrom’s latest Eurorack module offers a wide range of saturation effects, and comes equipped with a set of controls that allow users to refine the processing to avoid harsh-sounding side-effects. Alongside its saturation circuitry, Wyvern also features a VCA, a dual filter section with EQ and dry/wet balance control, and maintains a stereo signal path throughout.

The module’s filter EQ stage contains high and low shelves along with a bell curve, which then turn into low-pass, high-pass and notch filters with the gain control set to its minimum value. There’s also a Resonance parameter that can be used to add some emphasis, or can be pushed harder for some more dramatic effects. The saturation stage follows, with a Drive control defining the amount of processing added by any of three operating modes: a soft-clipping option that emphasises third harmonics and applies some compression, a hard-clipping mode that favours odd harmonics, and an all-pass variant that adds phase shifts alongside its distortion.

An LED clip indicator is joined by a Boost switch that can be used to increase low-level input signals, or to push the circuitry harder for effect. Additionally, a gain stage is placed after the saturation section and can function as a unipolar VCA. The module’s saturation stage is followed by a high- and low-pass filter combo for some final tone shaping, as well as a balance control to blend the wet and dry signals.

Key Specs

  • Module Width: 12HP
  • Current Draw: 165mA +12V / 150mA -12V

Pricing & Availability

Wyvern is available now, priced at €399.

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