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NiftyKEYZ from Cre8audio

Eurorack case and controller keyboard

Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ Keyboard

Modular synthesis company Cre8audio have introduced NiftyKEYZ. This new device couples a 112hp Eurorack format case with an integrated keyboard featuring 49 full-sized synth action keys, aiming to provide an all-in-one solution to those interested in modular synthesis.

Cre8audio say this is much more than a case with a controller attached however, and the device is packed with performance features and routing options that make it a very capable stand-alone instrument. There are four Gate and CV outputs which can be used individually, or together as part of a polyphonic instrument. It is also possible to split the keyboard into up to four zones and assign any combination of those outputs to them, allowing users to configure splits to control different modules. Other features include a built-in multi-mode arpeggiator which can be set to sync to either an internal or external clock, an auto-chord function, a transpose function, and a multi-mode clock-synced LFO. Two built-in buffered mults are present, and a further set of CV outputs for Aftertouch, Velocity, Mod Wheel/LFO and Expression provide users with a variety of control and modulation possibilities.

Cre8audio NiftyKEYZ side viewTwo pairs of mini-jacks on the top panel allow multiple sources to be summed into two main outputs. These outputs are then available both on the top panel in the form of another pair of mini-jack sockets, or on the rear panel as a pair of quarter-inch jack sockets. Continuing along the rear panel, a third quarter-inch socket provides a headphone output, and both the main and headphone outs have their own dedicated volume pots on the top panel. MIDI I/O is provided on DIN sockets as well as over USB via a Type-B connector. Sustain and Expression pedal inputs are present, again on quarter-inch jacks, and power is delivered to a DC input connector via an external PSU.

The NiftyKEYZ is available now, priced at 599 Euros.

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