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Studiologic update Numa Compact 2 / 2X

Major firmware upgrade for stage pianos

Studiologic Numa Compact 2 2X stage piano firmware update organ rotary cabinet effects

Studiologic have released a major firmware update that brings a host of new user-requested features and improvements to their Numa Compact 2 and Numa Compact 2X stage pianos. OS 2.0 introduces a new navigation system and user interface improvements, enhanced organ sound customisation, new functionality for users of the optional SLP3-D pedals, and a range of behind-the-scenes tweaks to the instrument’s effects and processing capabilities.

Navigation & UI

An updated navigation system now allows users to separate the instruments’ Focus feature from the On/Off control of loaded audio parts and MIDI zones, with disabled zones and parts greyed out in order to distinguish them from enabled ones. When enabling a new zone or part, the focus will automatically move to it. The new system can be enabled from the Advanced section of the Global Edit menu; the original Standard mode is still available, and will be loaded by default even after carrying out the update.

Organs & Effects

Organ sounds can now be customised in more detail than before. The Numa Compact 2X is now equipped with a new Leakage parameter which simulates the effect of electromechanical generators, and users are able to choose between Modern and Vintage modes for each Program, with the former offering a clean and balanced sound, and the latter being enriched with additional harmonics.

The Rotary effect of both instruments also benefit from the addition of a Rotary Max Speed control, which offers three settings based on the different pulleys used in vintage rotary cabinets, and there are also a number of new virtual microphone options. A new Overdrive parameter has been added to the effect, modelling a valve distortion circuit, and it is also now possible to use a hold pedal to change the effect’s speed.

Fixes & Improvements

New functionality has been introduced for the optional SLP3-D triple pedal unit, which can now be used to change the currently loaded Program. By connecting the unit to the instrument’s PED 2 socket, the left and centre pedals will allow users to switch between Programs, whilst the right pedal will work as a damper.

Studiologic say that they have also made the sliders on the Compact 2X five times more responsive, with the on-board display following any changes made in real time, and visual feedback further enhanced through the addition of new icons for each of the nine slider parameters. Improvements have also been made to the built-in effects, with Delay and Reverb both gaining completely new DSP algorithms, and FX1’s Drive control updated with a smoother response. An issue that was causing small clicks when adjusting the Mastering parameters and using the USB Audio functionality have also been resolved.


OS 2.0 is available to download now, and is free to all existing Numa Compact 2 and Numa Compact 2X owners.

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