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Vintage King Debuts Barefoot Sound MM45 & SSL XL-Desk Tonight

Presentations at Vintage King Los Angeles and Vintage King Nashville

Pictured at Vintage King Los Angeles are (L-R) Jeffrey Ehrenberg, VK West Coast Sales Mgr.; Fadi Hayek, SSL VP Music Products; composer/producer Anthony Marinelli; and Tedi Sarafian, Barefoot Sound CEO. Photo by David Goggin.Press Release: Two of the top pieces of gear to come off the AES 2014 floor, the Solid State Logic XL-Desk and the Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 monitor, are getting special demos at Vintage King Audio in Los Angeles and Nashville.  As an exclusive to Vintage King enthusiasts, these special events offer attendees the first time to demo both of these innovative new products.

Vintage King Los Angeles hosted the first event on November 5 with Barefoot Sound CEO Tedi Sarafian, SSL VP of Music Products Fadi Hayek, and Award-winning composer/producer Anthony Marinelli.  This event and the upcoming Vintage King Nashville gathering mark the first time that the XL-Desk and MicroMain45 have been made available for hands-on public evaluation.  Top Nashville producer/engineer Matt McClure will be present on November 18.

To attend this event and test-drive the MM45 and the XL-Desk, RSVP:

Solid State Logic's XL-Desk is a new take on vintage analog consoles that still utilizes the digital side of today's recording gear. This console fits perfectly into the DAW-based studio, but comes without the integrated control and level automation of other Solid State Logic desks. The result is a console that truly puts the operators hands in charge of the mix, in addition to controlling 20 channel strips, four stereo channels and an in-console 18-slot 500 rack.

Known for their quality studio monitors, Barefoot Sound has been the backbone of many major studios monitoring system for years. The MicroMain45 brings the same clarity and quality to small project studios that the brand's MiniMain12 has delivered to larger spaces. Using the same signal path, amplifier and driver technology as the MiniMain12, the MicroMain45 is smaller and more affordable than other Barefoot monitoring systems.

Following a sampling of his award-winning scores through the new XL-Desk and Barefoot MM45 monitors, composer/producer Anthony Marinelli commented, "The sound of the Barefoots translates the best. They don't hype the sound and give me the full audio spectrum from lows to highs. They're very quick. The transients are very rapid.  I deal in a lot of different genres of music and it's not like I use a certain kind of speaker for one kind of music and another kind of speaker for another. The Barefoots are just the truest that I've ever come across."

Learn more about the Solid State Logic XL-Desk here: 

Check out the Barefoot Sound MicroMain45 monitor here:

The Barefoot Sound MM45s and SSL XL-Desk are at both Vintage King Nashville and Los Angeles locations.

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