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Nervous Squirrel: Incredible DIY Modular Synth

Published May 2022

Dave Cranmer, aka Nervous Squirrel, builds amazing musical instruments, including alpaca sound systems, a Theremin in a badger and one of the biggest modular synthesizers in the world.

In our exclusive video interview, Dave shows us how everything from Geiger counters to the Game Of Life can play a part — and explains how anyone can master the skills needed to build their own modules.

For more information about Nervous Squirrel's creations see

Instagram: @nervoussquirreldotcom

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Nervous Squirrel's alpaca sound system.Nervous Squirrel's alpaca sound system.

One of Nervous Squirrel's synth modules.One of Nervous Squirrel's synth modules.

Nervous Squirrel's giant modular synth fills a whole wall.Nervous Squirrel's giant modular synth fills a whole wall.

Dave Cranmer, aka Nervous Squirrel.Dave Cranmer, aka Nervous Squirrel.