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Rupert Neve: The SOS Interview (Video)

This month we meet a living legend of the audio industry, Mr Rupert Neve himself. Mr Neve’s designs have been a mainstay of professional recording studios since he started making mixing consoles in the late 1960s. He is responsible for creating some of the most well-regarded audio equipment ever designed, not least the 1073 and 1081 Preamp/EQs, which, although beginning life in large-format mixing consoles, have found a home in many smaller project studios. 

Mr Neve is not only an electronic engineer of great note, but also a prolific entrepreneur, founding companies Neve and Focusrite, as well as Rupert Neve Designs, in which he still takes an active role, even at the age of 89. He has consulted for various other companies over the years including Amek, Taylor Guitars, Legendary Audio and, most recently, SE Electronics, with whom he developed the Rupert Neve Signature Series of microphones.

We went to the headquarters of Rupert Neve Designs in Wimberley, Texas, to get into some of the technical detail behind Mr Neve's iconic designs. Over 25 minutes, we talk transformers, software modelling, and get the story of how he created the world's first high-Q equaliser.

13 February 2021: RIP Mr Rupert Neve