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Fender G-DEC Guitar combo in very good condition
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£99 London About
Hartke VX3500 bass combo Hartke 3500 amp - four 10" Hartke VX speakers + a high frequency driver. The combo features: 350 Watts delivered to internal 4ohm speaker system; Solid state and vacuum tube pre-amps; Bass, Treble & contour controls, 10 band graphic equaliser; 4 x 10" paper cone drivers• variable compression; Solid braced cabinet construction, recessed side handles, heavy duty casters. Serviced Feb 2017 and not gigged since. One fader LED out (on the 8KHz). Collection from Southampton or Reading.
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£245 ono About
Fender Champ Combo 1970s silverface Vintage Champ in lovely condition and perfect working order, classic! Email for pics etc
Contact: matt Tel. 01302 769676 or
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£495 Doncaster About
Ibanez Tubescreamer TSA-15H 5/15W Tube amp head with 6V6 valves. 2 channels - Clean and with Tubescreamer overdrive. Mint condition, only home use. Retubed with Tung-Sol valves (cost £60) which makes an enormous difference to the clarity compared to the stock tubes.With Roqsolid cover (£35) and IFS2G footswitch (£30) and leads and spare original Chinese tubes. Great for Rock, Pop or Fusion. Bargain. Personal collection only please.
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£150 ono Hemel Hempstead About
Line 6 POD HD Pro X Absolutely perfect condition, tried a couple times then went into closet. Comes with original documentation... this is the rackmount guitar amp/fx simulator. Great for recording or live. Please ask any questions...
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£375 London About
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