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Alice Da 6-2 Audio Distribution Amplifier.
Contact: Mo Tel. 07539850507 or
Login to email seller 14/08/2018
£100 ono London About
TL Audio VP-1, with DO-1 card, Classic Valve Channel Selling up my studio gear due to family ownership, all in very good order and tested before packing up. You no doubt know what you are looking at and with the digital converter card, pro quality recordings are assured.
Login to email seller 12/08/2018
£999 ono About
Universal Audio 710 twin finity for sale, excellent pre with both tube and solid state blending, immaculate condition. I’m selling this to put towards other equipment, bargain £450.
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£450 LIVERPOOL About
PreSonus DigiMax FS 8-Channel Mic Pre-amp with ADAT and Word Clock in Excellent Condition with it's Original Power Supply. Also Includes Warranty. Part Exchange Welcome. For more info search: sound generation audio.
Contact: Tel. 01784 483944 or
Login to email seller 07/08/2018
£159 ono London About
Focusrite ISA430 Producer pack Fully working, very low use in home studio and in 'almost-new' condition. No marks on front panel. This is the rarer original version with relay switchable filter circuits per frequency stage and lovely optical compressor. Makes a great vocal channel strip. Manual and mains cable. I have 2 identical units for sale. Price per unit. photos.
Login to email seller 29/07/2018
£900 Keighley About
Amek Neve 9098 Mic Pre and Parametric EQ. Featuring the full specification input channel from the Neve designed 9098 desk. Neve trademark 'Glow' and 'Sheen' controls. 2 units available. In good condition but with marks around rack holes. Fully working and sounding big. Price per unit. Manual. Photos
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£650 Keighley About
Earthworks Lab 102 Dual channel, wide bandwidth, high slew rate microphone pre-amp. photos. Absolutley mint condition (low use in home studio) with external power supply and manual. Earthworks describe this pre-amp as "a wire with gain". Read the articles regarding slew rate and ultra wide bandwidth. Utterly transparent, high-speed response for transient detail (complex percussion). Photos
Login to email seller 29/07/2018
£1,000 Keighley About
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