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Radial Shuttle 500 series 500 series insert for line level and balanced connections good condition
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£50 ono Hemel Hempstead About
Focusrite Octopre Mk1 with Digital Card Used condition. Includes digital card, Optical cable and kettle lead. Cash on collection from Chelmsford.
Contact: Rob Tel. 07411583701 15/09/2019
£130 About
Grace Design M501 500 Series Pre Amp. Amazing Mic pre with lovely clean sound. Sounds great on everything. Only selling this as I have bought the 8 channel version. Excellent condiition. Collection from SW London or will post for cost
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£450 London About
Amek Neve 9098 Mic pre-amp and parametric EQ. Designed by Rupert Neve and incorporating a channel from the 9098 desk. Kev's pre-amp followed by 4 band parametric EQ with Neve trademark "glow' and 'sheen' controls. Sounds lovely. 1u rack space. 2 units available. price is per unit. Manual. photos.
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£700 Keighley About
Summit TPA200 Dual channel microphone pre amp This is a very early (pre B) Dave Hill designed Summit Valve pre amp fully working and almost mint condition. Valves and transformers throughout. Input and output controls allowing for Saturation and overdrive of transformers and valve stages. Sounds fantastic and can really get crunchy. Photos. Only 1 unit available
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£1,800 Keighley About
Earthworks Lab102 Microphone pre amp. Dual channel version of this ultra clean, ultra fast microphone pre-amp. Fully working Almost mint condition, external power supply, Superb on drums, percussion and 'transient fast' material. This is a vintage module that compares favourably with the newer ZDT1022 (slightly more airy on top end) 2 units available. price is per unit. Manual. photos.
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£950 Keighley About
Focusrite ISA 430 This is the original ISA430 with the lovely optical compressor. Shines on vocals. Great sounding Neve designed High and low pass filters, parametric EQ and that lovely compressor. Mic line and instrument inputs, multiple outputs. Transformer coupled for that rich saturation. 2u rack space. 2 units available. price is per unit. Manual. photos.
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£950 Keighley About
Dbx 286a In excellent condition. The DBX 286A is a studio quality microphone pre-amp, compressor, de-esser, high & low frequency detail & expander/gate. The 286A gives all the mic processing tools you need in one 19-inch rack mountable unit.
Contact: Shaun Tel. 07947 525 483 or
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£120 London About
Avalon AD2022 Dual Mic Pre Excellent pre for capturing fast transients be it vocal or percussive instruments. First class mic pre. Excellent condition with little use. Cheapest used price.
Contact: Tel. 07970119567 10/09/2019
£1,600 Coventry About
Neve 8801 The Neve 8801 is a complete channel strip taken from the Neve 88R console. The 8801 features a mic preamp with high and low pass filters, a four-band EQ, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point. Mint condition, only used twice.
Contact: Tel. 07846750764 10/09/2019
£2,000 London About
Telefunken/Siemens V76 Vacuum Tube Preamp Selling a vintage Siemens Telefunken Micpre. Needs no introduction. Racked by SonicMessiah. This is the best you can get. Selling it cause of career change. Only serious offers please. Located in Belgium so local pickup might be best.
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£3,500 About
Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity The award-winning Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity is a radical UA mic preamp design that combines both the classic retro warmth of tubes with the transient bite of solid-state, all in a 2U, half-rack unit. The 710 was created specifically to add the tonal versatility and sonic inspiration missing from generic audio interface preamps. Very good condition, unused. Collect from North London.
Contact: Tel. 07805356344 or
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£389 London About
Avalon VT-747SP Stereo Compressor - Avalon VT-747SP Stereo Discrete Class A Vacuum Tube Compressor. Excellent Condition. Great mastering unit.
Contact: Tel. 07947 525 483 or
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£1,650 London About
HOOTERSOUND B1 A great example of a classic from Ted Fletcher, founder of TFpro and Joe Meek products. Very rare Preamp, Compressor, gate. Item is in Great condition and works as it should. Comes with correct power supply. Serial number - 105810 email for pic.
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£135 London About
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