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Audix CX112B & CX212B | Media

Condenser Microphones By Paul White
Published April 2012

We put the SE2200A MkII up alongside an Audix CX212B (/sos/apr12/articles/audix-cx.htm) and an Audio-Technica AT4050, and tried them out on a variety of sources. Click below to hear how they compared.

SE2200A MkII Ac Git

SE2200A MkII Git Cab 1.5m

SE2200A MkII Git Cab 300mm

SE2200A MkII Perc

SE2200A Voice

Audix CX212B Ac Git

Audix CX212B Git Cab 1.5m

Audix CX212B Git Cab 300mm

Audix CX212B Perc

Audix CX212B Speech

AT4050 Ac Git

AT4050 Git Cab 1.5m

AT4050 Git Cab 300mm

AT4050 Perc

AT4050 Speech