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BSP Europe Logic Keyboard

Dedicated QWERTY Keyboard By Paul White
Published May 2003

Make the most of Emagic Logic's keyboard shortcuts with this dedicated QWERTY keyboard.

The BSP Europe Logic Keyboard can be purchased either as a full computer keyboard or as a set of replacement keys to fit a normal Mac G4 keyboard. The idea is that all the commonly used Logic commands have dedicated keys or key combinations with the function printed onto a colour-coded key for easier navigation. An included CD-ROM contains a Key Commands setup which can be imported to match the new keys.

Fitting The Keys

Using the kit version, replacing the relevant keys is simple, taking around 20 minutes with the extraction tool provided. Around 80 percent of the existing keys are replaced, leaving the larger or odd-shaped keys unchanged. The original numbers and letters are still displayed on the keys so you'll have no trouble entering text. Although the Key Commands were devised for Logic Platinum v5.5, they translate to v6 OK, and you can always go to the Key Commands window and edit them if you're not happy with the default assignments.

BSP Europe Logic Keyboard£141/£93
  • Easy to install and nicely manufactured.
  • Can speed up your working considerably.
  • Functions grouped by colour.
  • You have to base your main Key Commands around the keys provided and some of the Key Commands you've already learned may have to be changed.
A simple, attractive solution to getting the most out of your keyboard when using Emagic's Logic.


BSP Europe Logic KeyboardThe function keys provide direct access to all the tool types, though some selections are window sensitive — you can't get to the MIDI Velocity tool unless you're in a window that can use that tool, for example. Most of the Arrange page zooming options can be accessed directly, as can all the common edit commands, including dividing regions, nudging, opening specific windows and so on.

The numeric keyboard is mainly given over to transport functions and recording options, including enabling the 'running man', switching the metronome on and off, activating external sync, and selecting punch-in modes. This means the numeric pad keys can't be used for calling up screen sets, but the number keys on the main keyboard are set up for this function. Both Shift and Control options are provided for many keys, with the Control function printed on the front of the key. The choice of colours has been used to group keys with related functions, again so that it's quicker to find your way around, and the included setup CD-ROM provides around 500 keyboard shortcuts.

Is It Worth It?

After using the keyboard for around an hour, I found I was using far more Key Commands than normal and that my work rate increased accordingly. The Key Commands have been mostly chosen sensibly for the typical Logic user, though you may need to learn where your own favourite Key Commands have been reassigned to. If you feel you might need to customise the key set to some extent, then it may be better to buy the kit version so that you can leave some of your original keys unchanged, if that suits you better. For example, the number keys on the main keyboard access score note values, so if you're not a notation user, you might find a better use for them.

The Logic Keyboard isn't exactly cheap, but, considering how much time it can save you, I feel it's something every Logic power user should consider. Not rocket science maybe, but a very nice alternative to having to remember a huge swathe of Key Commands.

infop.gif Logic Keyboard £141; Logic Keyboard keys kit £92.83. Prices including VAT.