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Climax Collection Volume 5

Sample CD Buyer's Guide By Dave Stewart
Published January 2000

Rating: ** 2/6 Stars

16 Vns: sus.

8 Vns: sus.

4 Vns: sus.

Solo Vn: Sus f & p <3>, sus mut (f & p), trem f & p <2>, harm <2>, trll, sp trll, piz (f & p), 5ths gl up (f & p), ascending major scales (fast/slow, f & p), ascending major scales (same).

Comments: 486 samples, mainly of solo violin. The violin sections are nothing to write home about, but the solo instrument is played with some passion, and its numerous performance variations might be of use to the serious samplist.

Standouts: The upwards 5th glissando is a good resource — adjust the start point of the sample to get different types of grace note ranging from a semitone to a full fifth.

Quibbles: Given the price, my lips are sealed.

Contacts: Masterbits.

£ Audio CD $49.