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Raxx System

Wall-mounted Rack Kit By Paul White
Published March 2006

Free-standing studio racks are very useful and can hold a lot of heavy equipment, but sometimes it can be advantageous to make use of some of that spare wall space. That's where Raxx comes in, a modular system that can be used to fix rack mounting gear to any strong wall using two sturdy metal uprights to which side arms of varying lengths can be fitted to accommodate equipment of different depths. The available side arms are 1U or 2U high and have conventional rack fixing points on the front, while their rear flanges fix to the wall uprights by means of M6 cap-headed screws. The small starter kit reviewed here comprises a pair of 6U uprights and six 1U side arms, complete with fixings and M6 bolts. Additional side arms can be purchased if necessary in both 1U and 2U sizes and in lengths of 250, 400, and 600mm. Optional components include CD racks and half rack mounting trays.

When I first heard about this system, I was worried that it might struggle to hold heavier pieces of equipment, but as soon as I examined it, I realised such fears were without foundation. The components are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel with a durable paint coating, and all the fixing points are really solid. In fact the only limitation of the system is the purely practical one that you can't get around the back to plug things in and out, so you need to unscrew your units from the Raxx system before you can change the wiring around. You also need to have a strong wall to fix onto, because the installed system will only ever be as strong as the wall you're screwing into. Overall, though, this unique modular system is eminently practical. 


  • Makes the best use of available wall space.
  • Very strong.
  • Modular.


  • No easy access to the rear of the units once fitted to the rack.


Raxx is a great little concept for situations where floor-standing racks may not be appropriate — as long as your walls can take the weight!


Starter Kit comprising two 6U uprights and six 1U 250mm side arms, £46.60 including VAT.

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