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Slate Digital VMS: Classic Mic Shoot-Out

Rather than just trying it out on a few sessions, the team at SOS decided that this review would be a great excuse to pitch the VMS against some of the actual microphones that it claims to model.

With help from the fantastic team at FX Rentals in London, we were able to get access to four of the classic mics that the VMS attempts to model: the Neumann U47 and U67, the AKG C12 and the Sony C800g. Reviewer Neil Rogers agreed to host the session at his Cambridge-based Half‑ton Studios, and in addition to his own ears, those of SOS editors Hugh Robjohns, Sam Inglis and Chris Korff were present, as well as regular SOS author Mike Senior.

Check out the full review article and download the Zipped audio files from there.