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Strymon Magneto

Eurorack Module
Published September 2018
By Paul Nagle

Size: 28HP. Current: +12V = 210, -12V = 210, +5V = 0mA.Size: 28HP. Current: +12V = 210, -12V = 210, +5V = 0mA.

Strymon’s effect pedals are revered for their high quality and for that certain intangible something — musicality. It’s not surprising, therefore, that rumours of Eurorack versions generated a degree of anticipation. The first module released into the wild is Magneto, an echo machine based on tape simulation, with four playback heads, phrase sampling, looping and a lush spring reverb. While Magneto is entirely digital under the covers, its behaviour is anything but. Spin the large Speed/Pitch knob and the impression of an analogue delay is unmistakable.

From the smooth and...

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Published September 2018