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United Audio Technologies UT FET 47 | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Neil Rogers
Published November 2020

The audio files available on this page accompany my review of the United Studio Technologies UT FET 47 in SOS November 2020 issue. In the review, I describe how impressed I was with how close I thought it sounded to our studio's Neumann FET47. I've produced some audio examples so you can hear the results for yourself. For all the examples I used a Neve 1073LB preamp with no additional processing. 

Play the SoundCloud MP3s below or download the ZIP file of hi-res WAV files.

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01_UTFET47_Kick Close

This is how the United Audio FET47 sounded an inch away from my Rogers 22 inch kick drum's resonant head. There's a tiny amount of saturation coming from the Neve preamp, if you listen closely, but the mic performed very well and would be a useful addition to a drum mix.

02_Neumann FET47_Kick Close

How my Neumann FET47 sounded in the same place. 

03_UTFET47_Kick Far

I also tested the mics two feet back from the kick drum. This is quite interesting, as it highlights just how key the mic's proximity effect is to why these mics work in such applications. At a distance, that beefy low end is not present. 

04_Neumann FET47_Kick Far

How the Neumann sounded on the same job.

05_UTFET47_Bass Cab

An example of how the United UT FET 47 sounded two inches away from a loud Ampeg SVT bass rig.

06_Neumann FET47 _Bass Cab

How the Neumann FET47 fared on the same application.

07_UTFET47_Guitar Cab

How the United mic sounded two inches away from the centre of the cone on a Fender Deville guitar amp. Forgive the slightly out of tune guitar!

08_Neumann FET47 _Guitar Cab

The Neumann mic in the same position.