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Vintagedesign VDC | Media

Diode-bridge Compressor By Frederick Norén
Published April 2015

Rupert Neve’s processors now have plenty of admirers — and imitators. Does this one offer anything extra?

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Vintagedesign VDC

Audio Examples

On this page, you’ll find a selection of sound clips of different sources compressed by a Vintagedesign VDC compressor, as reviewed in SOS April 2015. The original ‘dry’ sound clips were run through the same digital-to-analogue converters as the hardware (a Mytek 8x192 interface, at 44.1kHz/24-bit) to take the converters out of the comparison equation. For easy A/B comparison, make sure you line up the sound clips on individual tracks in your DAW, then switch back and forth to hear the difference in sound.

On some clips, the Blend control has been used to create parallel compression. ‘10 OCLOCK’ in the filename means that the mix between the original and the compressed sound is roughly 70 percent dry and 30 percent compressed. ‘11 OCLOCK’ means that the ratio is 60:40 and so on.

Similarly, ‘HPF’ means that the side-chain high-pass filter has been set to a certain frequency; HF_ON means that the HF filter has been used; and AIR_ON means that the AIR filter has been engaged.