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Zero-G Ethera Gold Prometheus

Kontakt Instrument By John Walden
Published January 2024

The Zero-G Ethera Gold Prometheus user interface.The Zero-G Ethera Gold Prometheus user interface.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5 Stars

Aimed primarily at media composers, Ethera Gold Prometheus is a further collaboration between producer Stefano Maccarelli and Zero‑G. SOS reviewed the Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 title from the same team back in the August 2023 issue. That Kontakt‑based library received a 5‑star rating for its combination of epic female cinematic vocal instruments (with some fabulous legato options), vocal phrases, phrase builders, chants, pads and whispers. For Celtic, epic, fantasy or medieval vocal parts suitable for film or game composers, Atlantis 2 is a top‑notch choice. And, if you wanted the simplest of comparisons, Prometheus provides a similar musical experience but for the male voice.

Prometheus is an equally comprehensive library. It delivers 9GB of all‑new sample content, requires the full version of Kontakt (6.7.1 or later) and provides 38 different Kontakt instruments. There is simply too much ground to cover everything here, but Prometheus includes two different phrase‑based instruments with over 5000 phrases in total, both Warrior and Dark vocal chant builders, multiple sustain‑based instruments, ritual chants, growls, rhythmic breath options and also a selection of cello, guitar, percussion and sound‑design loops.

Zero-G Ethera Gold PrometheusThese are all excellent, but the phrase‑based tools deserve a special mention. These are particularly easy to use, letting you construct extended passages where longer musical cues might be required. They are organised into tempo and key‑based groups and each preset includes a set of drone, percussion and breath loops mapped above and below the main phrases. It’s an instant cue‑writing toolkit and a heck of a lot of fun to boot!

However, as with Atlantis, the other star element of the Prometheus show are the various true legato instruments. These come in multiple flavours and, courtesy of the three excellent singers used in the project — Aiden Faith, Davide De Laura and Garmo Mandica — you have plenty of stylistic options under your fingers. So, for example, the three main true legato instruments are labelled Warrior, Dark and Folk and, as the labels suggest, they deliver very different types of performance. Add appropriate ambience effects — and Prometheus has plenty of effects options built into the UI — and the sound is simply glorious.

For dramatic male vocals that would grace any fantasy‑style music cue, Ethera Gold Prometheus is absolutely epic.

Ethera Gold Prometheus is a treasure trove of inspiration. It’s also a perfect complement to the earlier Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 and, if you have used that library, you will feel right at home here. It is, of course, a specialist title aimed at media composers, but it’s also a special one. For dramatic male vocals that would grace any fantasy‑style music cue, Ethera Gold Prometheus is absolutely epic.