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If you don't wish to subscribe or wait 5 months for Web subscriber versions of articles to be unlocked, but do want to read the hottest reviews, technique workshops or interviews TODAY, then think about buying single PDF articles. 

Buy Article PDF button.Buy Article PDF button, found at the end of most SOS online articles.

Most magazine articles we publish are available as a high quality PDF for you to buy for a small fee. These use the same page layout as the printed magazine (with adverts removed). You'll find a 'Buy Article PDF' button clearly displayed at the end of each article (if a PDF is available).

Once purchased, your PDF will be listed in the DOWNLOADS section of your MY ACCOUNT (accessed at the top-left of every SOS web page) from where you can download the file as often as you wish.

Note: PDFs are not free of charge for subscribers.

If you have purchased a PDF article as a digital download file, this is a non-refundable transaction. However, should the file be corrupt and unreadable, please contact us and we will email you a working version of the file at our cost.

Try Before You Buy

Here's a free PDF article you can download and check out:

PDF icon focusrite-clarett-range-sos102015.pdf

Please note your computer will require Adobe Reader to be installed or an equivalent (ie. Apple Preview) in order to open and view PDF files. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free directly from

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