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The SOS Guide To Live Sound

Optimising Your Band's Live-Performance Audio

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The SOS Guide To Live Sound promises to help you optimise your band’s live-performance audio. Written by SOS Editor-in-Chief Paul White, this guide is unique in that it recognises the realities and challenges of playing in smaller venues, where amps and drums may already be too loud for the PA system. Paul White brings with him a vast amount of experience as both performer and sound engineer, and offers tips and techniques for getting a balanced sound regardless of circumstances.

All the elements of a live-sound signal chain are examined and explained over the course of the book, both separately and as part of a larger system. Paul also considers mic choice and placement, as well as the roles of the mix and monitor engineers. Practical examples, diagrams and photographs are used to illustrate essential acoustic and audio-engineering principles throughout the book, and the work is rounded off with a comprehensive glossary of live-sound terminology.

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