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The Studio SOS Book

Solutions and Techniques for the Project Studio

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Using case studies to illustrate common problems, this 306-page book brings together a wide range of real solutions that are both affordable and easy to implement.

Since the Studio SOS feature was launched in 2002, Sound On Sound Editors Paul White and Hugh Robjohns have travelled up and down the country to visit and improve a different reader’s home studio every month. While professional studio design is often seen as a black art, mixing ergonomics, acoustics and electronics, these visits have demonstrated that it’s often fairly simple to make dramatic improvements to a project-studio room, without spending a fortune.

In The Studio SOS Book, the SOS team impart easy-to-understand, organised troubleshooting advice on a range of topics. Learn how to rid yourself of monitoring problems so you can accurately hear what you’re mixing, how to enhance the sound of your recording space, and how to perfect your instrumental and vocal recordings. Spend less time re-recording and mixing, simply by improving your room with advice from the guys who have seen it all when it comes to make-do small studios.

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The Studio SOS Book is written by Sound On Sound’s Editor-in-Chief Paul White, Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns and Editorial Director and former studio engineer Dave Lockwood.