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SOS Past Articles back to January 1994 now online!

Like many pros, when taking a break from mixing, Paul Hardcastle likes to read his personal copy of Sound On Sound magazine.Like many pros, when taking a break from mixing, Paul Hardcastle likes to read his personal copy of Sound On Sound magazine.

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  • On 21st June 2021 we finally added the remaining 3,714 past issue articles! We thank you for your patience. Some of the early years are text-only web articles, missing their images (which we have discovered were lost in a previous office relocation).
  • On 15 June 2016 we launched this current incarnation of the SOS web site, which currently hosts 15,527 independent, high quality, in-depth test reviews / techniques / interviews and tutorials  — plus News and SOS Forum posts.

Sound On Sound issues before January 1994 can be found on the superb website (with our permission), and we're hoping to get the text and images from these onto our own website whenever we can. That's another Herculean task for us to solve!

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Synth Secrets (63 Episodes: May 1999 to July 2004)

All 63 instalments of the classic Synth Secrets series are now on the SOS site.

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SOS Glossary of Technical Terms

Check out our regularly updated, indispensable Glossary of technical terms from the fields of Recording, Audio, MIDI, Computers, Music Technology, Electronics and Live Sound:

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