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IAN's Inline Form TEST

Feeds into our new CRM By Ian Gilby


Sound On Sound


This drop shadow is created using CSS and permits user-control over spacing, transparency, font color, font size, etc.

It is inline CSS Style here, but should ideally be incorporated within the SOS website CSS Style Sheets.


iFrame from Descript AI app live project/edit embedded Shared session

The iFrame embed link is


This Inline Webform comes from EngageBay CRM

IAN is testing this cloud-based SaaS to see if we can have, say, an Advertising client embedded CRM form like this on the Advertising web page that creates and auto-populates a new CRM record (or appends new info to an existing record), then tags it within the CRM based on Workflow Rules and Automation... possibly adds the customer record to CRM Smart Lists (segments) and it could even have a Deal status assigned too for the Sales Pipeline prospecting, with % Success Rating pre-chosen... very flexible (if we can get it to work! Not working yet as needs Javascript API code and SOS Token adding to every Drupal website page in Header).


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