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Q. Do I have a mic impedance problem?

I have an AKG D770 microphone that I use to record from my guitar amp. I tried using the same mic to record samples into my Korg Triton workstation's sampler and with the sensitivity on the Triton on maximum it records at very low levels. The impedance of the D770 is 600Ω, whereas I have seen mics with an impedance of 250Ω. Do you think this is the problem? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

David Remington

Editor Paul White replies: I don't think impedance is the problem, but you could probably do with a decent preamp between the mic and sampler, to boost the level a bit. You can use a mixer channel for this if you have a mixer. Also, for serious sampling you should be thinking about a capacitor or back‑electret mic, as they capture the top end of sounds rather better than dynamic models, as well as tending to be much more sensitive. A back‑electret mic that can run on batteries may also work well if you choose a sensitive model, as it could interface with your Triton's sampler input without needing a preamp. A true capacitor mic would need to be used with a preamp that can supply phantom power.