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Q. Where can I get hold of editing software for my A3000 sampler?

Published June 2000

Yamaha's Tiny Wave Editor — invaluable for sample editing on PC or Mac.Yamaha's Tiny Wave Editor — invaluable for sample editing on PC or Mac.

I usually quite like reading manuals, incrementally absorbing many simple but valuable facts and concepts in a short period of time, but I have had a Yamaha A3000 at least five weeks now and I have not learned much. I have been loading samples (very slowly!) from an old Apple CD300 and storing my feeble experiments on a Zip 100 cart. Both items are connected to the A3000 via SCSI. I do not enjoy having to organise files via a glowing green postage stamp, and was wondering whether a spare Mac (or even my posh new G4/500) could be formatted/partitioned in such a way as to act as my sample marshalling yard, as well as a place to edit samples with Peak or similar? If you could shed any light on this, I could move on from this setting‑up phase and perhaps make some music!

Trevor Vincent

Peter Peck, Marketing Manager of Music Production at Yamaha‑Kemble replies: Thank you for your message to Sound On Sound which has been sent on to me. Firstly, I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been having. Owners manuals are really written as 'factual bibles' and we would be the first to admit that this does not necessarily make them particularly helpful when it comes to practical operations. To help overcome this we produce many extra Quick Guide books which are designed to take you through the instrument using a more 'hands‑on' approach. These books are usually available as free PDF files downloadable from our web site. At the moment, however, our site is undergoing a major revamp and therefore our downloads are inactive. If you would like to get hold of this book let me know. I can also arrange for our special A3000 CD to be sent to you. This contains the Tiny Wave Editor software, which lets you manipulate A3000 sample data on Macs and PCs, and should resolve your second problem. Thanks for your interest!