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Q. Which mixer will send a stereo signal to my effects processor?

By Paul White
Published November 2000

A simple solution — feed the output of your soundcard through the MidiVerb 4 before feeding it into the mixer.A simple solution — feed the output of your soundcard through the MidiVerb 4 before feeding it into the mixer.

I am searching for a mixer for an unusual application. I wish to mix the stereo output from my computer and to send it through a stereo effects processor (MidiVerb 4). However, I can't find a mixer that will send a stereo signal to the effects processor. Do you know of any such mixer? I am looking at the low end, and only want to mix four signals, the stereo pair from my computer and two microphone lines, with a wet/dry setting on the pair and the two mic lines.

David Morris

Editor Paul White replies: Any small mixer should handle this job OK and many have dedicated stereo inputs. For example, the inexpensive Behringer Eurorack MX802 can handle four mono and two stereo inputs. If you want to add an effect to the whole mix, you could simply feed the output from the mixer through your Midiverb, but a more flexible solution would be to connect the processor via the post‑fade aux sends — use one send to feed the left Midiverb input and the other send to feed the right Midiverb input. In order to send in stereo from the mixer channels carrying your soundcard's outputs, just turn up the Aux 1 control on the left‑hand channel and then turn up Aux 2 control to the same level on the right‑hand channel. For each mono channel, you'll have to juggle the levels of the two sends in order to determine how they are 'panned' at the processor's stereo input. This is not an ideal solution, as the aux send controls aren't in the level/pan format you'd expect of those on a true stereo send, but you ought to be able to achieve perfectly good results nonetheless.

As an alternative, particularly if you can't spare two aux sends, you could also simply feed the output of the soundcard through your MidiVerb before feeding it into the mixer, though this would deny any other mixer channels access to its processing.