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Q. Why won't my B4 organ plug-in work?

I have bought the Native Instruments B4 organ plug‑in and am using it with Emagic Logic 4.6.3 on a 500MHz Apple G4, with an Emagic AMT8 MIDI interface. I cannot get the plug‑in to respond to MIDI. It plays back fine when I press the organ keys on screen, but not from the MIDI keyboard. My other plug‑ins all work perfectly, and I have followed the instructions but can't seem to get it to go. Can you help?

Jo Lee

Editor Paul White replies: While most plug–ins rechannelise incoming audio to the track channel, B4 uses MIDI channels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time for the upper, lower and pedal manuals, so it doesn't rechannelise. This means that you either need to set your master keyboard to the right channel or do some fancy stuff in the Environment to transform incoming channels. If the master keyboard can't do keyboard splits, you can only play one manual at a time. My guess is that your master keyboard isn't set to channel 1 at the moment. It's also possible that using a dual–processor G4 is causing the problem, as I know some instrument plug‑ins don't yet work with those. Check with your supplier to see if there has been any report of a problem with B4. If there has, a revised version should be forthcoming.