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Q. Why won't my editor/librarian talk to my sequencer?

By Paul White
Published July 2001

Q. Why won't my editor/librarian talk to my sequencer?

I have just read your review of Emagic's Sound Diver editor/librarian software in this month's edition of Sound On Sound — twice, mainly because it makes far more sense than the manual that comes with the program.

I have set up said program with all instruments loaded and libraries saved for them, but I cannot get Logic (Platinum) to talk to it. Do you need to have multi‑instruments in the Environment already for each instrument? If so, why? I thought Sound Diver was meant to do all of this. I have tried adding multis, then loading up Sound Diver, which brings up several "Sound Diver Nord Lead, etc" icons, but why are there now two icons — one for the standard Environment Multi and one for the Sound Diver register? I can't be the only one pulling my hair out!

Peter Lawford

Editor Paul White replies: Before I started to use Sound Diver, I'd already set up my Environment with multi‑instruments, as I'd been working without Sound Diver for years. Then, when Sound Diver is unleashed, it is able to suck the actual patch names out of the modules; these names may be different to the ones typed into your multi‑instruments — if you typed any in. If starting from scratch, I'd be inclined to create all the necessary multi‑instruments first in Logic, but not bother about patch names. Just tell Logic what ports and channels your instruments are on. Then set up Sound Diver, use it to get your patches, and do an 'update patch names using Sound Diver' operation to update your Environment object. When you've done this, save as a default song.