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Q. Why won't my VST instruments run in Logic?

By Mike Senior
Published July 2001

Q. Why won't my VST instruments run in Logic?

I am fairly new to computer music, and something is really vexing me. How do you run VST instruments in Logic? I'm currently using version 4.5 on a PC (though I will soon be upgrading to 4.7). I can get the virtual instruments I have installed working fine in Cubase, but not so in Logic. I read in some text included with the Native Instruments B4 demo that it was as easy as creating a VST instruments folder within the Logic program folder itself and then opening it as you would the Emagic ES1 plug‑in synth?. This has so far yielded no results and I am on the brink of tearing my remaining hair out, as I am assured by people that this should work. Are these people mad? Am I mad? I refuse to believe that I'm the only one with this problem!

Robb Bluett

Assistant Editor Mike Senior replies: Getting a VST instrument that you have installed to work with Logic requires that you place it in the VstPlugIns folder that resides in the main Logic program folder — this is the same whether you're using a Mac or a PC. If you don't have one of these folders, you can make one (call it 'VstPlugIns', with no spaces). Once this is done, you need to boot up Logic and create an Audio object within the Environment. Select this Audio object within the Environment window and then select Instrument 1 from the drop‑down menu in the 'Cha' field. Now select your VST instrument from the drop‑down menu at the top of the object (see screen grab, left).