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Digital Performer: Multi-Song Mastering Project

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques By Mike Levine
Published July 2021

This window configuration is a convenient workspace for mastering.This window configuration is a convenient workspace for mastering.

We show you how to set up a multi-song mastering project.

Digital Performer offers a robust environment for composing, scoring, tracking and mixing, but it’s also excellent for mastering. This article will focus on setting up a multi‑song mastering project. If you’re only mastering a single song, most of the same concepts apply, but you can simplify the setup where appropriate.

To get started, open a new session in DP at the same bit depth and sampling rate as your masters. Next, create a stereo track (Command/Windows+Shift+S) and insert DP’s MW EQ, MW Compressor and Spatial Maximizer on it, but bypass them. Make enough duplicates (Option/Alt+ Control+D) of that track so that you have one for each song in the project.

Add a Master Fader track which you’ll use for any global processing. (If you’re only mastering one song, you can skip the Master Fader and do all your processing from one track.)

Watching Windows

The opening screenshot (above) shows a window configuration you can use throughout the mastering process without the need to do any switching. To configure it, split the Main Body of the Consolidated Window into two sections: The Sequence Editor on top and the Meter Bridge on the bottom. 

Open the Left Sidebar (Shift+[) and show the Soundbites window in it. Open the Right Sidebar (Shift+]) and show the Mixing Board. Drag the right Sidebar Divider to the left to extend its horizontal size so that you can see all your tracks in the Mixing Board. If the project has a lot of songs, you might have to use the Narrow View to see them all.

Next, use the Import Audio command (Command/Windows+F1) to bring in all the songs you’re mastering. Once they’re imported, drag each one from the Soundbites window into the Sequence Editor and put one on each of the tracks you created. Adjust the songs to be in the correct order — even though you’re going to bounce them separately, you’ll want to hear how the...

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