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Warped Designs | Media

Ableton Live Tips & Technqiues By Len Sasso
Published August 2012

The audio files that you can download from this page accompany the article 'Warped Designs', which appeared in SOS June 2012

Ableton Live Tips & Techniques SOS August 2012 by Sound On Sound

Audio Example 1: This clip starts with a pad and then crossfades into an eigth-note pulsed version followed by a version in which the pulses are stretched and transposed.

Audio Example 2: Here a slap-bass clip is Texture warped to produce a whisper-like effect. The whisper version is then layered with the original.

Audio Example 3: A two-bar bongo loop is time-stretched by Texture warping with grain-size automation. The second pass adds transpose automation with 1-bar Beats warping.  

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