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Warped Designs | Media

Ableton Live Tips & Technqiues
By Len Sasso

The audio files that you can download from this page accompany the article 'Warped Designs', which appeared in SOS June 2012

Ableton Live Tips & Techniques SOS August 2012 by Sound On Sound

Audio Example 1: This clip starts with a pad and then crossfades into an eigth-note pulsed version followed by a version in which the pulses are stretched and transposed.

Audio Example 2: Here a slap-bass clip is Texture warped to produce a whisper-like effect. The whisper version is then layered with the original.

Audio Example 3: A two-bar bongo loop is time-stretched by Texture warping with grain-size automation. The second pass adds transpose automation with 1-bar Beats warping.  

Published August 2012