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February 2024 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) February 2024

REVIEWS: SOS Awards 2024: The Results • Ableton Live 12 • EastWest Fantasy Orchestra library • ADAM Audio A8H monitors • GIK Acoustics SlatFusor panels • Fender Tone Master Pro modeller • Universal Audio OX Stomp • GC Audio Inherit Series modular mic pre • IK Multimedia Pianoverse • Audeze MM-100 headphones • Intech Studio Grid MIDI controllers • Cloud 44 Midnight ribbon mic • Arturia Efx Motions • HUM Audio LAAL analogue mastering limiter • Lumen Handpan • Enjoy Electronics The Godfather Mixer/FX • Befaco FX Boy Eurorack module • Sample Libraries — and many more reviews!
TECHNIQUES + PEOPLE: Multi-miking Guide [front cover] • Linux Audio • Inside Track: 'Barbie' soundtrack • Producing Norwegian Black Metal (Part 1) • How I Got That Sound: Colin Elliot • Why Specifications Matter: Part 2 • Talkback: Galya Bisengalieva • DAW Tips: Logic Pro, Cubase Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One... and lots more!




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